Adding MobFox Into Your MoPub Waterfall

1. After signing in to your MoPub account, click on the “Networks” tab.

2. Here, you can click on the “Add a Network” button in the upper-right corner of the page and select MobFox.

3. Enable “Revenue Reporting” to display MobFox reporting metrics in the Mopub UI.

4. Enter your publication’s “Publisher ID” as the “Zone ID” in MoPub. If you need help finding your Publisher ID, please refer to our knowledge base here.

5. You can select “Run this network automatically,” but you will need to change the default $0.05 CPM to the actual eCPM you see in your MobFox dashboard for each individual publication.

6. Click on “Save and Continue” to return to the Networks tab.

7. Here, select the “Segments” tab.

8. Click on the segment(s) that contains MobFox and change the network CPM to the actual eCPM you receive for that publication from MobFox.

9. To check that everything is set up correctly, ensure that reporting is enabled for MobFox and the status of MobFox is set to running (indicated by a green play button). You should also periodically check that the reported numbers in MoPub are similar to the numbers in your MobFox dashboard.

10. You’re all set! Please send us a support ticket if you run into any issues.