Custom Events

The MobFox Publisher platform already offers server-side integrations to a lot of ad networks, but there are some ad networks that strictly require Publishers to use their SDK instead of requesting an ad on the server-side. Popular examples for this are iAd, MoPub, AdMob, and Millennial Media.

Our Custom Events Feature, which is directly integrated into the MobFox SDK, makes it possible to mediate between these ad networks by using custom event classes that invoke the third party ad network SDKs whenever required. By default, the MobFox SDK already comes with AdMob and iAd (iOS only) integrated already, so there are no changes to code required in order to start using one of these ad networks.

We are working hard on integrating pre-built support for additional ad networks, however it is also possible for you to write your own 'classes' to add support for additional third party SDKs. For a detailed tutorial on how to write your own classes, please go to the SDK Integration Documentation, which is available in your MobFox account under Sites&Apps->Integration.

Setting Up Trafficking to a Custom Event
In order to start using a third party ad network with custom events inside your Monetization Stack, you'll have to go to the 'Manage Monetization' section in your MobFox account and create a new Stack Item with the type 'Custom Event'. Then, you'll have to choose a priority for the custom event (for example you could use InMobi through MobFox server-side mediation as the highest priority and then fall-back to the AdMob custom event when there is no ad available from InMobi) and you'll also have to choose a CPM price which the stack item should run on.

You can then choose to either use the AdMob or iAd custom event classes which are already integrated into the MobFox SDKs, or send the traffic to one of your own classes.

Important: If you are using AdMob, you will also have to configure your AdMob Ad Unit IDs inside the MobFox control panel. To do this, please navigate to Publisher -> Configure Ad Networks and click on AdMob. Then, fill out the form with your AdMob Ad Unit IDs.

If you need any help setting up custom events, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!