Creative Review & Block Lists

Nothing is more annoying than seeing a bad ad in your app or website. That’s why the MobFox Platform allows you to review every single ad that is running on your App(s) and Website(s) and block unwanted Advertisers from showing ads in your app. There are a couple of features on the MobFox Platform, and we’ll now explain you how to use them.
All of the below tools are accessible by logging into your MobFox account and navigating to Publisher->Exchange Configuration.

Note: Creative Review and Block Lists are only available for ads from the MobFox Exchange, and not for third party ad networks. If you would like to block an ad from a third party ad network that you are working with, please contact them directly.
- Creative Review Tool
The Creative Review Feature shows you a list of all ads that are currently running in your App(s) and gives you a couple of actions you can take for each of them.
1. Block / Unblock Creative ID
This option allows you to block or unblock the single creative  ID from the campaign that is running on your Publications. Note that there might be other creative running from the same campaign.
2. Block / Unblock Advertiser ID
This option allows you to ban the whole Advertiser from the DSP from running campaigns in your Publication(s). This is usually not recommended as a single advertiser can run many campaigns of different types.
3. Block / Unblock Advertiser URL
This option allows you to block an Advertiser URL from running ads in your App or Site.  The MobFox Exchange requires all Advertisers to supply a URL (e.g. when creating a campaign, so this usually is a good method of stopping specific campaigns from showing in your Publication(s).

- Manage DSPs
The MobFox Exchange works with more than 100 Demand Side Platforms “DSPs” that are able to bid on your ad inventory in real time. Every time there is an ad-request, our platform announces the available impression in a real-time auction and allows these DSPs to bid on it in real-time.
The “Manage DSPs” section gives you an overview of the DSPs that are allowed to bid on your traffic, shows how much revenue each of them generates for you, and allows you to pause the traffic flow to individual DSPs. To pause a specific DSP, just check the box next to it and click on “Pause DSP”.
- Content Filtering
The Content Filter Setting can be changed by going to the “Settings & Configuration” tab within the Exchange Configuration section and allows you to choose a basic content filter for the ads that are allowed to show in your Apps and Mobile Websites.
- Transparency
The Transparency Settings are available under the “Settings & Configuration” Tab within the Exchange Configuration Section and allow you to choose if buyers on the Exchange are allowed to see your Publications Name & URL when bidding on your traffic.
By Default, buyers are allowed to see your Publication’s details on the Exchange and it is generally not recommended to change this setting as it may significantly reduce your revenue potential from the MobFox RTB Exchange.