Third Party Ad Networks

The MobFox Publisher Platform is integrated with a wide range of third party ad networks that you can send your traffic to by adding a Third Party Network Item to your Monetization Stack.
In order to start using a third party ad network through the MobFox Platform, you will need to create an account with each of the networks that you would like to start using and then enter the Publisher credentials (usually called Publisher ID, Site ID or Zone ID) that the network provides to you into the MobFox Network Configuration Section.

The MobFox platform will then forward Ad Requests to the network through a server-side connection using your Publisher Account with the network. All earnings are reported directly on the ad network’s control panel and you will receive payments directly from the ad networks you are working with and MobFox does not take a fee/commission on third party ad network revenue.
To start using a third party ad network, follow these steps:
1. Go to “Publisher”->”Configure Ad Networks” in your MobFox account and you will see a list of ad networks that we have an integration with.
2. Sign up for the ad networks that you would like to start using. After signing up, the networks will usually provide you within a key that uniquely identifies your app or website that you have created in the network control panel. These Keys are usually called Publisher ID, Site ID or Zone ID. If you cannot find the key, please contact the third party ad network directly for assistance. If you do not have a contact person at the network, please just ask us and we’ll be happy to introduce you to a representative at the third party ad network.

3. Once you have registered and obtained your key, go back into the MobFox control panel and click on “Setup Publisher IDs” next to the ad network  you want to use and paste your Publisher Key(s) into the form fields provided.

Next Step: Configure your Monetization Stack
Once you have setup the ad networks you would like to work with, you will have to create an Item inside your MobFox Monetization Stack that tells the MobFox Platform to start sending traffic to the ad network. To learn more about how to manage your Monetization Stack, please click here