The Monetization Stack

The Monetization Stack is where all the magic happens when monetizing your Sites and Apps with MobFox. When configured in the right way, the Monetization Stack can be a valuable tool that will increase your ad revenue and make sure that you always earn the highest amount for every ad impression.

 In general, a Monetization Stack consists of 3 types of so-called “Stack Items”. The available types of stack items are:

Direct Sold / Promotional Campaigns
This type of stack item allows you to setup a campaign that you either sold directly to a client, or a cross-promotional campaign that you can use to promote other apps or services. When setting up a direct-sold/promotional item, you will need to upload creatives and provide a click URL for the ads that you would like to run.
Third Party Ad Network
This type of stack item allows you to send your traffic to a specific server-side third party ad network that you have configured  in your MobFox account. If the selected network returns an ad it will be shown, and if not, then the system will move on to the next available stack item.

Custom Event
This Stack Item type allows you to send traffic to a custom event that is implemented into the MobFox iOS or Android SDK. By default, our SDKs (>=5.1.0) already come with a number of networks pre-configured and ready-to-use. If you want to integrate additional ad network SDKs, you may do so by adding your own classes to the SDK. To learn more about custom events, please click here.
You will likely not need to setup this type of stack item since the MobFox RTB Exchange always runs in the background and competes with your Direct Sold Campaigns & Third Party Ad Networks. Only if you have chosen to disable the MobFox Exchange for your Site or App and want to enable the exchange for specific countries or devices, it makes sense to make use of this type of Stack Item.

- Choosing CPM Rates & Priorities
When setting up a Direct Sold or Ad Network Stack Item, you are required to enter a CPM Rate and Priority for the Stack Item.  When there is an ad-request, the MobFox Platform will firstly prioritise your stack items by priority, and then by CPM Rate.
Example: If you have 3 Stack Items that are running on Priority 12 (Highest) then the one with the highest CPM Rate wins. If the Stack Item is an Ad Network Item and the ad network does not return an ad, the system will first move on to the next available stack item in the same priority.
If no stack items with the same priority are able to show an ad, then the system will move on to the next available lower priority.
- Exchange Competing in Background
By default, the MobFox Exchange is always competing with your Stack Items in the background. If you do not want the Exchange to be able to compete with a specific Stack Item, please choose “Do Not Compete With Exchange” when setting up a Stack Item.
Example: Let’s say there is an ad-request and the best available Stack Item has a CPM Rate of 0.50 USD. If any of the real-time bidding buyers in the MobFox Exchange are able to offer you more than 0.50 USD CPM for the ad impression, then the impression will go to the MobFox Exchange. If no buyer on the RTB Exchange is able to offer more then 0.50 USD CPM, your Stack Item will win the ad impression.
- Targeting Stack Items
Your Stack Items can be targeted by Country, Platform and Publication and you are able to add daily delivery limits and schedules to your stack items.

Example: Using the Stack Item Targeting Features, you can make sure that your direct-sold campaign only runs in specific countries or on specific device platforms. The same goes for ad networks – you can enable specific ad networks for specific countries, devices, and so on.
We hope that we were able to give you a good idea of how the MobFox Monetization Stack works. If you still have any questions or need help setting your Stack up, please let us know!