Publication Approval Process

In order to maintain a quality standard of Publications on the MobFox Platform, our team has to review every Site or App that is created by our Publishers.
Usually this process is pretty quick and does not take more than a couple of hours, but here are a few tips that can help you get approved quickly.

Tips for getting Approved Quickly
- Use a Corporate E-Mail Address
If you are using your company e-mail address for creating a MobFox account instead of a free e-mail account, this may speed up the approvals process. So in case you have a corporate e-mail, please use that one!
- Provide required Site/App Details
When creating your Site or App, make sure to fill out as much information about your Publication as you can and also provide a Market or App Store URL in case your app is live already.
- Send us Proof of Ownership
If our Team is unable to verify that you actually own the app that you are adding to the MobFox Platform, they will likely ask you about Proof of Ownership. If you want to speed this up, you can create a ticket right after you added your Publication and provide us with proof that you are the owner of your site/app, like a screenshot of your Market or App Store account, or, for mobile websites, a screenshot of your domain control panel.
Common Reasons of your Site/App being declined
If your Site or App has been declined, this usually is something that can be sorted out quickly. Please just create a ticket and a member of our team will help you out.
These are the most common reasons for your app being declined
- Invalid or Incomplete Details
If you have provided invalid or incomplete details when setting your Publication up on the MobFox platform, your app may be declined. Please make sure that you have provided complete and valid details when setting up your Site or App.
- Questionable Content
MobFox does now allow Sites or Apps on the Platform that include questionable content or content that is not brand-safe, including Adult & Explicit apps. Advertisers demand a certain quality when buying ads on our Marketplace, and we may decline Sites or Apps that are below our quality standards.
- Unable to Verify Ownership
In order to prevent click fraud on the MobFox Platform, we have to verify that the App(s) or Site(s) that are created on our Platform actually belong to you. If we are unable to verify that you are the owner of the app that you submitted, this may lead to delays or to your Publication being declined.