I’ve integrated but I am not seeing any ads.

There are a few reasons why you may not be seeing live ads:

Have you requested publication activation?

  • After creating a publication you must request activation and wait for the MobFox team to review and approve your publication. To request activation, navigate to Publisher > My Sites & Apps > click on “Request Activation” under the Approval column for the associated app. You can read more on the approval process here.

Were you seeing the MobFox test ad before asking for activation?

  • If you were seeing the test ad, this means that your integration is sound and we can rule this out as an issue. You will be served the MobFox test ads once you create a publication and before you request activation.

Are you using the correct publication ID?

  • If you have several apps/publications on the MobFox platform it can be easy to use the wrong publication ID – for example, maybe one that has not yet been approved. Navigate to Publisher > Integration > Choose the desired publication from the drop down menu to retrieve the associated Publication ID and ensure it is correct.