Optimizing Performance

The MobFox Advertiser Platform allows you to analyze your campaign's performance on multiple levels and optimize your campaign in real-time through our Optimization Dashboard.
Here's how it works:
1. Set Up Conversion Tracking
In order to start tracking conversions for your campaign you have to either implement our Conversion Tracking API, or track your campaign with one of our certified ad tracking partners (listed below). Once Conversion tracking has successfully been setup, your campaign performance reports will start showing conversion data along with the usual performance information of your campaign.

2. Campaign Optimization Dashboard
Once you are successfully tracking conversions, you can start using the Optimization Dashboard to optimize your campaigns. To start optimizing, navigate to Advertiser>View Campaigns and click on the green 'Optimize' button next to one of your performance-tracked campaigns.
The Campaign Optimization will show your campaign's performance on a per-Publisher and per-Device level. If you are viewing the Campaign Optimization dashboard on an ad-group level, the dashboard will additionally show buttons in the upper-left that allow you to black-or whitelist specific Publishers or Devices from your Ad Group right away.

Supported Third Party Tracking Platforms

HasOffers (link)
Ad-X (link)
AppsFlyer (link)
If you need assistance setting up conversion tracking or optimizing your campaign, please drop us a line and we'll be happy to help.