The MobFox Advertiser Platform provides extensive reporting capabilities that allow you to analyze and break your campaign performance down by a wide array of factors.

To generate a report, log into your MobFox account and navigate to Reporting > Advertiser Reporting. Then, you may select the campaigns you'd like to run the report for, select up to two different breakdown variables, and set a time frame and date/time breakdown for your report.
Data Retention
Top-Level Advertiser Reporting data is kept in the system forever, however we may summarize reporting data after 3 months so certain breakdowns / dimensions may become unavailable after this timeframe.
Reporting Delay
The standard reporting delay on the MobFox Advertiser Platform is about 1.5-2 hours. This is the time it takes our servers to crunch your campaign's data and prepare reports. Please note, however, that your advertiser balance is updated in real-time.