Ad Units

Supported Pricing Methods
The MobFox Platform supports both CPM and CPC priced campaign across all available ad units. Please note that while you can choose to run your ad on CPC basis, you will still be charged a CPM price, however the system will optimize your campaign automatically to meet the desired CPC price.  It is usually advised to use CPM since this will also serve your ads to Publishers whose traffic we cannot optimize for a CPC-priced bid.

The MobFox Advertiser Platform prices campaigns in a "second bid-price" auction, which means you only pay 1 cent more than the second-highest bidder, plus a margin price from MobFox. To find out what margin your account runs on, please contact us.
Supported Macros
The MobFox Ad Servers support a wide range of dynamic click and impression macros that can be used within an ad's click url and html markup. For a full list of supported macros, please click here.
Standard Banner Ads
You can upload up to 20 banner ad units ad once to your ad group. To do that, simply navigate to the 'Banner Ad Upload' box, click 'Select File' and select all the ad units that you would like to upload. Please note there is a maximum file size per creative, and the ad unit creator will simply skip files that are too large or are not uploaded in the supported dimensions.
Video Ads
The MobFox Advertiser Platform has huge amounts of available video inventory. To test video ads for your campaign, simply upload an MP4 Video and choose your desired CPC/CPM price. You will be charged every time someone views your video ad for at least one second. If you choose a CPC bid, the system will optimize your campaign to meet the desired CPC price.

Native Ads
Native Ads perform on average 3x better than banner ads and are a great way of improving campaign performance. If your app is promoting an iOS or Android application, the Native Ad Editor will already come pre-populated with assets that our system found on the app's app store page. You may then change the pre-filled assets or choose to upload completely new ones.
Text Ads
Text Ads serve in all possible ad sizes and are a good way of getting additional exposure from ad-sizes that you cannot upload a banner ad for. To upload a text ad, simply switch to the "Standard Editor" by clicking on the link on top of the page and enter the text that should be shown on the ad.
Remote Banner
Remote Banners allow you to host your banner ad on your own server for tracking or rotation purposes. To start using remote banners, switch to the Standard Editor by clicking on the link on top of the page, select "Remote Banner URL" as the Ad Unit Type, and provide the URL of the ad creative that should be shown.
Remote Banners are disabled by default. Please contact us in order to get them enabled.
HTML Markup / MRAID Ads
If you would like to run a third party tag or MRAID Rich Media ad, you may do so by selecting the 'HTML Markup / MRAID' option when creating your ad unit. Then, paste the ad markup in the appropriate text box. If your ad is an MRAID ad, make sure that the "This is an MRAID ad" checkbox is ticket when creating your ad unit.