How do I start using MobFox?

Creating a Campaign
1 – Create a Campaign
To get started with buying traffic on the MobFox Advertiser Platform, you first have to create a campaign.  Just head to the MobFox Control Panel and click on Advertiser > + Create Campaign to get started.

You'll then have to provide general information for your campaign like Campaign Name, Start and End Dates, Budgets, and Frequency Caps, which specify how often your ads should be shown to individual users. Fill out the form and click on 'Next Step' to proceed to the Targeting / Ad Group Creation form.
2 – Create an Ad Group
The next step allows you to create an ad group, which is a collection of ad units that share the same targeting criteria. Within a single ad group, you can have an unlimited number of banner, video and native ad units.
The Ad Group Creation Page allows you to choose targeting criteria for your ad group, like choosing which Countries, Devices and Carriers your ad units should run on. To learn more about Targeting, please click here.
3 – Create Ad Units
Now it's time to create and upload the creatives that you would like to use for the ad group you just created. The MobFox Platform supports both traditional banner ads of multiple sizes, mobile video ads, and native ads. Upload your ad units and click on 'Create Ad Unit' to create the ad units.

Once you have added your campaign, all your ad units will be placed into our approval queue and will be reviewed by our Advertiser Operations Team within 24 hours. If there's anything wrong with your ads, we'll let you know. To learn more about our Ad Approval Process, please click here.
Adding Funds
In order for your campaign to start running, you need to add funds to your account. You can top up your account by clicking on Advertiser > Add Funds when logged into your MobFox Account. We support PayPal, Credit Card and Bank Transfer for deposits. You can learn more about adding funds here.
Once your campaign has started running, you can see performance metrics of your campaign within the MobFox Control Panel. All Campaign Performance Data is shown with a delay of about 1,5 hours and reports can be generated by clicking on the "Reporting" tab when logged into your MobFox account. Click Here to learn more about Reporting.
Optimizing your Campaigns
If your campaign has a specific performance goal, it is recommended that you use our Conversion Tracking API to report conversions back to the MobFox Platform. Once Conversion Post-Backs are setup, campaign conversions can be seen in your campaign reports and you can use the MobFox Optimization Tool to optimize your campaign in real time. Learn More about Campaign Optimization.
Learn more about ad units here.